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United We Stand

Brothers and Sisters,

This is the time for celebration and revelry, as we are officially joined together as a merged department voted into existence by an overwhelming majority of voters who voted in the 2014 election cycle.

With the assistance and guidance of Walt Dix, "IAFF 12th District Representative" and Eloy Ricardo "Florida Professional Fire Fighters 11th District DVP" and in accordance with the "International Association of Fire Fighters", IAFF Local 4522 and IAFF Local 2297 have now become one entity; and we have agreed to keep the IAFF local number 2297.

The sun has set on both the "North Naples Fire Control and Rescue District"  and the "Big Corkscrew Island Fire Rescue District" let the history be written that we had served our respected communities to the best of our abilities while upholding the tenets of our profession and our membership with the"International Association of Fire Fighters".

With the dawn of a newly formed "North Collier Fire Rescue District" we the fire fighters and paramedics who serve the public in the most honorable profession; shall be known and recognized as the "North Collier Professional Fire Fighters and Paramedics, IAFF Local 2297" proud members of the "International Association of Fire Fighters" and the "Florida Professional Fire Fighters".

This publicly supported merger allows for new fresh ideas and technologies to advance the safety of our fire fighters and citizens alike. With our existing executive board and our loyal executive officers, we move forward; with a clean slate and with the wisdom of our history past.

The light of this new era is shining bright. Together we shall seize the opportunities before us, and create an abundance of the new opportunities for all our brothers and sisters as one.


Christopher Spencer, President

I.A.F.F. Local 2297


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Governmental Oversight and Accountability:  Video


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